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Law 52 now has specific requirements about stickers:

markings for players to temporarily fix to both sides of their bowls, or allow players to use
their own markings. When these markings are used:
they must not be put over the serial number and the World Bowls
Stamp which are present on the bias side of the bowl; and
all bowls belonging to players within a team or side must have these markings on them
and the markings must all be the same design and colour.
However, players may use markings which are different in size from those used by other players
in their team or side where this is necessary due to differences in the sizes of the manufacturers


Adhesive markings Bowls Stickers: Law 53.5 allows:
For domestic play, Member National Authorities can decide the
requirements for distinguishing marks....
Under the provisions of this Law, a DR has been written that allows for the dot to be used instead of a small ring (covering the small engraving) to avoid covering the WB Stamp or Serial number.
Bowls Australia Changes to bowls stickers
January 1st 2015

NEW!! International shape stickers

Now you can have the choice of the traditional large ring small ring set
Our new International template
With the regular large ring and a large dot or circle for the small ring